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For this third edition of the website we would gratefully like to thank the following people:

Alexander de Groot of Pixelplay.eu for providing us webspace and introducing us to the Wordpress system with assistance and support.

Bas Sengers -now webmaster- for updating content & reconstructing.

Paul Shelton for invaluable technical support.

For technical photographic support:
Mr. Dirk-Jan Gjeltema, Mr. Jacco van Ginkel, Mr. King Yuen,
Mr. P. Dhaeze at Eoszine Netherlands.
And a local photostore….(sorry, no ads allowed…)

For “adopting” our name: Yvonne Verbeek & Bjorn.

Logo Design by Julius Brom ©2013.

And finally Manfredo Rossi di Montelera for his cooperation and ongoing support…..

Thanks for watching!