Masters Historic F1 Preparations & Grid.

Prepare for race 1! A lot going on as the drivers get into their cars and moving out of the pitlane…
Focus on Mike Cantillon, Christophe D’Ansembourg and Max Smith-Hilliard in their respective cars.
Charles Nearburg in the beautiful Mclaren M23, a very motivated Michael Lyons and James Hagan who stalled his engine in the pitlane….!

All images taken by John.

The Grid……

Tribute to David Ferrer…..

Impressive; all drivers came together on the front row of the starting grid to pay a hommage to driver David Ferrer, who sadly passed away after an accident in the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort, a few weeks earlier….. A fitting tribute with the French flag being unfold, accompanied by Mrs. Rachel Bailey and Mr. Ron Maydon of Masters Historics, who spoke some comforting words in memory, followed by a minute of silence….